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Hello everyone!

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but if you have some free time, please consider helping with pre-timing any of these Itadaki High Jump. As you have noticed, I haven't done any subbing recently because of work. I basically work 9-10 hours everyday since the beginning of this year. So I haven't had the time to do anything. So if you have some free time and are willing to help me with pre-timing some Itajump's episodes, please let me know. Please feel free to pick any of these episode below:
20150805 ItaJump #5 - YaotomeInooTakakiChinen Utsunomiya Zoo help with escaped animals situation simulation
20150812 ItaJump #6 - YaotomeInooTakakiChinen CONTINUATION
20151118 ItaJump #15 - TakakiAriokaNakajima search for biggest dog in Tokyo
20160316 ItaJump #30 - YamadaChinenInoo compete against Othello and Billiards world champion + Sayonara Sensations livestage
20160615 ItaJump #40 - AriokaChinen search for biggest dog in Kanagawa
20160713 ItaJump #44 - ChinenInooYaotome help a boy who can't jump rope + HOPE reenactment (Takaki)
20160803 ItaJump #47 - ChinenAriokaYaotome compete against typing queen and goldfish catch champion + HOPE reenactment (Arioka)
20161123 ItaJump #60 - ChinenNakajimaYabu help a boy to master riding bicycle, JUMP member secret Nakajima>Yamada + Cain & Abel reenactment (Yaotome)

If you're willing to help and don't have the raw, please let me know, I can send it to you. Thank you for reading this. I really want to sub faster but pre-timing and subbing everything by myself is too much for me right now.

I'm in the process of pre-timing 20160615 ItaJump #40 - AriokaChinen search for biggest dog in Kanagawa. I hope I can get it done soon.

Jump Paper from Chinen

Hello everyone,

I woke up today and found out that there is a new Jump Paper and this time, it is from Chinen. I don't know if it's too late that you guys have already seen this but I want to share it to everyone. Here it is...

I just read this article this morning: http://jdramafreak01.livejournal.com/7291.html. I can't say that I'm surprised by this but it really saddens me.

This year, Jump has accomplished a lot with Waku Waku School, 24h TV, and then the JumpingCarvinal tour. The LE version for JumpingCarvinal ran out so fast so we can see how much Jump's popularity has risen. To achieve those accomplishments, they have worked so hard. However, there are fans who didn't respect them. Honestly, I don't consider them as Tobikkos because if you really love the group or a member in a group, you won't hurt your favorite or other members. To be fair, Keito is my least favorite but that doesn't mean I can go around and trash him. I know that it can actually hurt my ichiban (Chinen) and my niban (Yamada) since they are good friends with each other. I actually learn to like Keito more while reading their magazine interview and shows. The bottom line is just don't hurt others even though you don't like that person, just ignore them for your own benefit. Going back to the article, I still don't understand how people blame Jump for Ryuutaro's leaving. It was not the guys' fault, they didn't need to apologize for that and received hates from "fans". It was really mean to shows hates uchiwa in the concerts since the guys had put a lot of efforts and time to bring the best performances to the fans. This is my own opinion, but I think it's more Ryuutaro's fault for his leaving the group. I think I read somewhere that he got into probation before that. However, he still continued smoking underage and got his notice to leave the group.

Also, if there are rules for concert, please just follow the rule. How hard is it to follow such easy rules? Not following the rules means that you ruins not only the performance but also the fun of other fans. Talking about that, I was so mad at that one uchiwa blocking Jump during Johnny's Countdown. So Tobikkos, if you go to concerts, please follow the rules and be gentle to the guys. Spread love, not hate! Jump has worked so hard for us so please show them some respect.

Time to peace out now. Happy New Year everyone!



I'm too lazy and keep procrastinating so I've never done this introduction part. I'm Linh and I'm from U.S.

Judging from my picture, my favorite JE groups are Hey! Say! Jump and Arashi. I also obsess with Aaron Yan. He's a singer and actor from Taiwan.

My ichiban in Jump is Chinen Yuri. Everyone can guess it right? He's so adorable and his smile is so sweet. I love the weird Chii who just says the most random thing during interview.

My niban is Yamada Ryosuke. So together Yamachii is my OTP. Yamada has such sweet personality but then he can be so narcissistic. But his voice is really nice too, a good fit for ballad. His voice is my second favorite after Yuya's. Yuya's voice is just so sexy but cute at the same time.

My sanban is Daichan. For some reason, I pick all the shortest guys to be my favorites (LoL). But Daichan's baby face is so adorable and his personality is so warm and fluffy.

I also love Arashi and my number one is Mr. Sakurai Sho. I fell in love with his acting in the Quiz Show and then began my stalking Arashi journey (LoL). I rarely listen to rap but Sakurap is so good I can listen to it all the time.

I guess that's all about my fan girling world. I hope to get to know you guys more. よろしくお願いします。




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